The Art of Strategic Thinking and Acting

The Art of Strategic Thinking and Acting

Warning! This workshop will not give you a recipe for writing a strategic plan!!! In fact, we may not even discuss strategic plans. Rather, this is about thinking strategically.

Most organizations measure and focus on activities, on process for process sake, on inputs and outputs. This workshop emphasizes the importance of outcomes, and gives you a model for managing around outcomes. We deal with many of the questions and challenges of being outcome-focused: how do you measure outcomes? What if you lack control over the outcomes? How do you remain accountable for outcomes when some take many years to achieve? These are valid questions, and we offer answers to them.

In addition, this workshop gives you an opportunity to practice strategic thinking. Through analysis of case studies and organizational problems, participants get to think through such questions as:

  • What are our organization’s core competencies?
  • How do we leverage those competencies for greatest impact?
  • What are we doing now that, if we “started over,” we wouldn’t do?
  • How do we let go of certain activities and products/services?
  • If I’m not naturally good at strategic thinking, how can I improve?
  • How do we anticipate future opportunities when the world changes so rapidly and unpredictably?

What You’ll Leave With:

  • A method for strategically analyzing your organization and its environment
  • Specific examples showing how other organizations and managers act strategically
  • A model you can apply to any organizational challenge requiring strategic thinking
  • A workbook with case studies, the strategic thinking model, and many examples

Workshop Length:

1 day

Cost for this workshop:

$3,000 plus expenses.

This is the cost to put on the workshop for groups up to 30, at the client’s location.

NOTE: Workshops are customized for each client, and are offered at a location and on a date suitable for the client.

Who Should Attend:

Middle and senior managers who are interested in developing their strategic capabilities. Those whose organizations need to sharpen their ability to act strategically.


Phone: 434.242.8586

What Participants say about The Art of Strategic Thinking and Acting

"This course should be mandatory in our agency, for everyone within 6 months of employment."

"Excellent course and presentation! "I'll employ the method we learned with my colleagues and manager."

"The examples from leaders depicted in the case study and video clips are easy to remember and powerful tools."

"Russ was awesome!"