Collaborating Across Organizational Boundaries

Collaborating Across Organizational Boundaries

“The challenges are too complex, our budget is too tight, we’ve got to start working across these rigid stovepipes! The only way we can address some of our toughest challenges is by collaborating across boundaries.”

That’s how one executive explained his agency’s move toward collaboration. Many of the issues that agencies are expected to deal with today are cross-cutting, and no one unit or organization can address them fully. An increasing number of managers and leaders are learning how to collaborate – within and across agencies – on such challenges.

But how do you deal with the many “speed bumps” that collaboration poses: turf and trust issues, the need for senior leaders to actively support it, the difficulty of collaborating across different agency cultures, the time required, dealing with people who won’t share information, the lack of incentives to collaborate? This workshop deals with these and related issues.

What You’ll Leave With:

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the key elements of effective collaboration
  • Be able to use several strategies and tactics that help develop collaborative relationships
  • Understand the nature of “collaborative leadership,” and know how to lead as a peer rather than as a superior
  • Learn how some agencies have developed cultures that support collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Know how to use several methods and tools that have been used effectively by their peers (including the ability to influence others when you have no authority over them)
  • Have confidence that they can support effective collaborative efforts back home.

Workshop Length:

1-2 days

Cost for this workshop:

1 day: $3,000 plus expenses.

2 days: $6,000 plus expenses

This is the cost to put on the workshop for groups up to 30, at the client’s location.

NOTE: Workshops are customized for each client, and are offered at a location and on a date suitable for the client.

Who Should Attend:

The workshop is targeted to mid-level and senior managers.


Phone: 434.242.8586

What Participants say about Collaborating Across Organizational Boundaries

"It was a great session - good use of media, large and small group exercises."

"He was passionate about the topic. And he's very engaging. Created a wonderful learning environment."

"His cases and stories illustrate the points very well. He's brilliant in this field. He literally wrote the book on this topic."

"He's really researched this topic, and delivers the key ideas clearly. Since collaboration is my primary job I wish I could have received this training prior to my current position."