Seamless Government: What? Why?
And How?

This workshop builds on Russ Linden's research and writing about seamless service in the public and non-profit sectors. Russ helps participants learn the meaning of "seamless service," why it matters to customers, and how agencies can deliver it. Through cases, videos, lecture-discussion and small group exercises, Russ challenges participants to assess their own organizations using the key seamless government principles:

  • "Right to left" thinking (focusing on outcomes)
  • Walls replaced by networks (electronic and human)
  • Simple, transparent processes
  • Multi-skilled individuals and teams with broad responsibilities
  • Centralized information, decentralized operations
  • A few common principles

The workshop also deals with some of the realistic issues managers face when moving toward seamless service, methods for dealing with these issues, and many examples of organizations succeeding in these efforts.

What You'll Leave With:

  • An understanding of "seamless service," what it is and why it's so important today
  • An initial assessment of your own organization's capacity for acting seamlessly
  • A listing of common barriers and "speedbumps" to seamless service
  • Proven methods for overcoming the speedbumps
  • A workbook with many examples of seamless service
  • For those who order in advance: a copy of Russ Linden's two books on this subject: Seamless Government, and Workbook for Seamless Government

Workshop Length:

1 day

Cost for this workshop:

1 day: $3,000 plus expenses.

This is the cost to put on the workshop for groups up to 30, at the client's location.

NOTE: Workshops are customized for each client, and are offered at a location and on a date suitable for the client.

Who Should Attend:

Senior and middle managers.

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