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Our Consulting Services:

Our consulting is guided by certain principles, which we have developed over the past 30 years. These principles include:

  • Respect for the client. It's easy to be a "Monday morning quarterback," to stand on the sidelines, ridicule someone's efforts and point out what they should have done. We respect the challenges our clients face, having worked in management positions ourselves. We show that respect, in part, through...
  • Active involvement of organization employees. The people in the organization know where many of the problems lie, and they are a good source of creative solutions. We involve them in assessing the organization's strengths and shortcomings, and in developing action plans for improvement.
  • Building on the client's strengths and demonstrated values. All organizations do certain things well, and all organizations develop certain values over time. We help clients discover and articulate what they are, so that they can use them to improve performance and meet customer needs.
  • Providing customized solutions. There are many similarities across organizations, but the differences are what make each organization interesting and challenging. We refuse to use "boilerplate" solutions. Rather, we help clients develop solutions that fit their culture, their business, their people and strengths, their customers.
  • Challenging and "stretching" people to develop new perspectives, skills, capabilities. One way we show respect for our clients is that we don't waste their time (or ours) by telling them that everything's great, that they walk on water, that their critics are stupid. We tell our clients the truth, as we see it, in a way that they can hear it and use it. If a client organization doesn't want that, then they don't want us and we won't be able to work together. When clients do want that, we accomplish wonderful things together.