Strategic Thinking and Acting

Planning in today's "white water" environment is harder than ever. It's also more important than ever. How do managers and leaders plan at a time when so many initiatives are "OBE" - overtaken by events?

Our Approach:

  • Help the client identify and build on its strengths - core values, core competencies, how it's performed when at its best
  • Engage in a "workload" reduction" effort. Identify tasks, activities, forms, meetings, even programs and services that are not needed, don't add value to customers, and only abosorb employee's time - and do these less often or not at all.
  • Determine key issues that are facing the client in short and medium term
  • Understand and articulate the outcomes the client wants for its customers
  • Establish annual goals that lead to those outcomes
  • Get considerable employee input on objectives and strategies that will achieve those goals
  • Build into the process a philosophy of continual learning, so that the planning effort adapts as the environment changes

Other Consulting Services We Offer:

Process Redesign

Change Management

Team Building and Collaboration