Change Management

Many organizations need help in managing change. It's hard work, there are no easy shortcuts, and if it isn't managed well, the greatest strategies and innovations usually fail.

Our Approach:

  • Focus on engaging and involving the people who must make the changes - the employees
  • Emphasize creative, proven communications approaches during change
  • Help the change leaders articulate a clear, consistent story that answers the key questions: Why? Why this change? And What's in it for the employees?
  • Support a change team that writes and implements the change plan.
  • Provide support to the employees through workshops on The Human Side of Change
  • Provide change leaders with the lessons from other organizations that have succeeded, and failed, in managing change
  • Provide a listing of the 8 key requirements for initiating and maintaining change, and help the change leaders assess where they are and where they need to be relative to those requirements.

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