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James Fallows, Washing editor, the Atlantic Monthly, and author of Looking at the Sun

"Seamless Government is full of fresh insights and illuminating examples. For readers outside the government, it will be a valuable guide to the ongoing struggle to improve the performance of public bureaucracies. For those inside the government (or other large organizations), it will be an indispensable how-to manual."

R. Scott Fosler, president, National Academy of Public Administration, and senior fellow, Institute for Policy Studies, the Johns Hopkins University

"Seamless Government brings together the critical mass of knowledge in business and government required for serious efforts of re-engineering in the public sector. Russell Linden captures the essence of a new way of thinking about organization… Seamless Government provides a map and a compass to help government explore this new territory."

Neal R. Peirce, author, contributing editor to the National Journal, and syndicated columnist, Washington Post Writers Group.

"Russ Linden's book is a pleasure to read. Busy practitioners and elected officials who are intent on reinventing their agencies will find that Seamless Government offers a clear and powerful road map to organizational transformation. It's first rate."

Paul Lorentzen, retired federal executive, Office of the Secretary, Department of the Interior; from the Public Manager

"Government managers and executives now have a single, comprehensive book that introduces re-engineering and provides guidelines for them to make the rhetoric of ' reinventing government a reality… Any federal official seeking guidance on the implications and impacts of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and the National Performance Review (NPR) will find in this book the necessary ingredients for understanding what operating effectively...is all about."

Paul C. Nutt, professor of management science, Ohio State University, author of Making Tough Decision and co-author of Strategic Management for Public and Third Sector Organizations

"This book is very well written and provides many excellent examples of re-engineering. The goal of creating a seamless government is of considerable value, and the steps laid out to achieve this goal are easily digestible. Seamless Government makes a clear contribution by expanding our knowledge of change making… A must read."