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Seamless Government tells how to re-engineering agencies to meet the needs of its customers "seamlessly - in a smooth effortless, responsive manner. Russ Linden details a step-by-step approach for re-engineering, explaining how to assess, design, and implement radical changes in the way government does business-and how to overcome resistance along the way.

Throughout the book Linden illustrates his principles with case examples from all levels of government. He shows, for instance, how a state government improved its unemployment services by moving from control-oriented jobs to multi-skilled professional positions. He tells how local governments have re-engineered business licensing systems, public schools, human resource programs, and even a zoo. At the federal level, he reveals how procedures form issuing passports, managing programs in national forest, delivering IRS services, and operating the massive Defense Logistics Agency were all effectively redesigned with the customer in mind.

Seamless Government shows how public managers can achieve extraordinary results by organizing around desired outcomes rather that around activities of functions-so that fragmented, multi-step processes that once took weeks or months can accomplish in days, or even hours.

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