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Workbook for Seamless Government: A Hands-On Guide to Implementing Organizational Change.

After several years of trying to reinvent their organizations, many managers and employees are saying something like the following:

"We understand the principles and concepts, we don't need more of those. What we need is a step-by-step guide to change. What do we do first? How do we engage employees? What's the role of management in this change? What resistance will we face, and how do we prepare for it?"

Workbook for Seamless Government was written to address such practical questions. It is organized around the phases that most change efforts go through:

1. preparing for change,
2. redesigning the work, and
3. implementing the new designs.

To make the Workbook as practical and useful as possible, Linden also focuses on three themes throughout: the people, the plan, and the politics of change. As he notes, no change can succeed without paying special attention to those three elements. In addition, he cites typical "speedbumps" -- challenges and barriers -- that change leaders can anticipate, and offers strategies for dealing with each.

This Workbook will give change leaders and team members an understanding of the issues:

  • how do we communicate during change?
  • who should serve on teams?
  • how do we sell our proposals for change?
  • what do we do when political realities threaten to derail our project?
  • how do we maintain momentum when the project starts to lag?

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