From Vision to Reality

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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Part One: Innovation

The Changing Environment: Of Organisms and

What is Being Written About Management Innovations
A Short Review

An Overview: Seven Approaches for Implementing Innovations

Part Two: Federal Government Innovators

Dale Robertson: The Forest Service's Pilot Study

Jim Colvard: Promoter of a Corporate Perspective in the Navy

Juanita Hargrove: The Creative Personnelist

Bill Gainer: Marketer at the GAO

Part Three: State Government Innovators

Gerald Baliles: Progressive Governor in a Conservative State

Doug Ross: Innovator in an Old-Line Setting

Part Four: Local Government Innovator

Neil Behan: The Innovative Cop

Part Five: Analysis

Through the Looking Glass

Now What? Some Tips, and Tools, for Getting Started 253

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