What People Are Saying About From Vision to Reality

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Ronald J. Stupak
Professor and former Director
Washington Public Affairs Center, University of Southern California
Former Associate Director and Dean
Federal Executive Institute

"From Vision to Reality is terrific! It will be a great success with both practitioners and academics and should become a classic 'how to' primer from innovative leaders in the public sector. In addition, Vision is the kind of book all of us in the public administration schools have been looking for: one that demonstrates the realities and benefits of innovative risk taking. The case materials add real flesh to what for years seemed like barren conceptual bones in the public management field."

Loretta Cornelius
Professor of Public Administration
Old Dominion University
Former Deputy Director
United States Office of Personnel Management

"From Vision to Reality should be required reading from every public manager, for it clearly shows that individuals in government can and do make a difference. The book surveys the techniques used by seven innovators in federal, state, and local government, and demonstrates beyond doubt that with careful planning and clever strategy large institution can experience positive and lasting change. Perhaps these seven role models can create a new desire in public managers who often feel 'beaten down' and who consequently do not want to 'rock the boat."

Wayne F. Anderson
Distinguished Professor of Public Administration
George Mason University
Former Executive Director
United States Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

"Russ Linden's new book will appeal to and benefit both professors and practitioners. The profiles of seven successful public managers and the similarities in their strategies of innovation will enliven many courses and training programs. His closing chapter provides a unique and practical roadmap to success innovation and a highly readable discussion of the tools for fostering and implementing innovation in any organization."