From Vision to Reality

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Most people love stories. And when the stories are about people like themselves, they're even better. From Vision to Reality caputres the stories of seven effective government innovators; four at the federal level, two in state governement, and one local government leader. These seven toiled in very different enironments -- police department, research lab, analytical unitl, governor's office, the Navy, state agency, and natrual resource department -- but they had one thing in common: they knew how to take an idea and makeit happen.

This book tells their stories, and more. It identifies and explains the specific strategies they used to succeed -- how they handled the politics of change, how they gathered constituent support, how they assessed and dealth with risk, how they created a "felt need for change" in others, what they held onto and what they let go of, and which steps they used to get started.

The book ends with an analysis of their stories, as well as suggestions for innovators who want to get started. Perhaps most important, it gives readers the confidence, and ability, to pursue their own innovations.

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