Working Across Boundaries: Making Collaboration Work in Government and Nonprofit Organizations

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It is one of the most important trends today. Managers know they need to do it. Seems like everyone else is doing it. What is it?


Most people in government and nonprofit organizations know that they should be collaborating with organizations outside their own. In fact, their funding often depends on it. Yet, collaboration is more talked about than actually done.


Because no one has really shown them how to make it work. Most books on collaboration are of the "you have to do it" variety or simply cite examples of successful partnerships. Now one of the most widely recognized experts in organizational change -- Russ Linden -- shows you how to make collaboration actually work.

WORKING ACROSS BOUNDARIES explores the interpersonal and organizational forces that inhibit collaboration, and offers leaders the tools to combat those forces. Linden explains why collaboration is hard, shows readers that it is worth the effort, and helps them find ways to overcome the obstacles to success. In-depth case studies (including one in which police officers and social workers, groups usually at odds, overcome the inherent differences in their cultures to help abused children) demonstrate how organizations have overcome the obstacles to collaboration and generated greater value by working together. A clear and insightful framework describes the key elements, strategies, and methods that lead to successful collaboration.

Working Across Boundaries is a finalist for the McAdam Book Award, given to the best book in non-profit management each year.

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